It’s Go Time!

Posted by Nicolas Minacapelli on March 4, 2021.

Dial Clock Showing Five Minutes to Midnight

The battle is real. It is a fight for GOOD against EVIL. We are witnessing a spiritual war, a battle for the soul of America, and an awakening worldwide.

Soon when the dust settles we will see the handiwork of Almighty YAH. Revival is happening and harvest is coming. GOOD will prevail. God wins!

After the US presidential election on November 3, 2020 I knew I was called but wasn’t sure at that time of the direction of where to go. I was in continual prayer waiting for evil and darkness of a stolen election to be overturned. Watching what was transpiring in the days and weeks leading up to the inauguration on January 20, 2021 of an illegitimate president, I knew our nation was in trouble. Not to mention the staged event that took place January 6, 2021 that created yet another fake impeachment.

Those paying attention can clearly see that President Trump was again rightfully anointed. The mainstream media’s propaganda machine and Big Tech censorship validated Patriots in what we already knew. America is on the brink of darkness and losing our Republic. I could go into findings of extensive fraud myself where President Donald Trump clearly won. I’ll save that for Mike Lindell who released the video below titled Absolute Proof.

President Trump came along as America First and a mission to return power to the people. It was a mission other countries could relate to by breaking the bonds of powers that control. Faults of his own, as no one is perfect, Donald Trump was anointed by God. Over time growing in faith to stand among the Patriotic blessings America has received, Donald Trump won a second term in 2020. We as Americans did our part. This was now in God’s Hands.

If anything good is to come it would have to be “Biblical”.

As time went on I began doing more research. I could clearly sense the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) guiding me in this journey. There is a sense of direction, purpose, and plan greater than any of us. We have to trust and have faith.

Spending time trying to wrap my ahead around the scale of what I believe will be “Shock and Awe” coming not only to our country but to every nation. I started following freedom fighters around the world exposing a network of a large scale Cabal. I’ve known about the New World Order and globalists that control but little did I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. From national politicans to international leaders, to mainstream media, to Hollywood, to Big Tech, to the bankers, and all of the so-called ‘elites’ including the Vatican are the real enemy.

Why is Donald Trump hated and despised by so many? They don’t represent us. They hate us. They are owned and influenced by powers of darkness. More importantly Donald Trump has it all to bring them all down and they are threatened by him exposing all their dark secrets. It is only a matter of time for the fall and collapse of the Cabal to be exposed and for all to know. It’s time to take the RED PILL!

At the start of February 2021, what I heard was “It’s Go Time!” and then immediately following, “The Great Awakening Revival”; the development of this website which I quickly sprang into action. Fortunately, with skills by God, resources available, and support from a few others, this platform is now launched.

I am following many with discernment. I’m not directly affiliated with Q but what I know I know. The enemy is real and darkness exists. Pray for light!

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!